Real estate firm business plan

These people are used to the intricacies of the construction industry and have excellent interpersonal communication skills. Two hundred and sixty of these lots will contain residential housing and forty lots will contain commercial buildings. Black pearl is constructing a oneacre recreational park and playground in the subdivision and 30 acres of walking and horseback riding trails. Pro forma balance sheet FY1 Assets Current assets Cash 14,783,637 Total current assets 14,783,637 Long-term assets Land 4,200,000 Total long-term assets 4,200,000 Total assets 18,983,637 liabilities and owner's equity long-term liabilities loan 10,000,000 Total liabilities 10,000,000 Retained earnings 8,983,637 Earnings 8,983,637 Total owner's equity 8,983,637. Marketing Programs Black pearl markets our comprehensive services through the local real estate magazine. They will hire an additional 25 employees once the subdivision project is underway. Active participation in the local Chamber of Commerce will build brand recognition for both Black pearl and the subdivision itself. This ensures constancy in subdevelopment land value, conclusion and aesthetic appeal. Long term, positive relationships with select subcontractors that insure quality work that meets deadlines. Financial analysis projected Profit and Loss The profit and loss table shows positive net profit for the first fiscal year. Black pearl is experienced, stable, dependable and reliable with outstanding customer service in the forefront of our building process. Construction development real Estate firm Business Plan

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real estate firm business plan

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These properties are then sold for 18,000 to 60,000 an acre. The main office of Black pearl development and real Estate llc is located at 4432 Alsace lane, tazor, texas. This acreage affords one mile of river frontage. The commitment to sustained land values and aesthetic homework appeal is an extra value attraction for the subdevelopment. Best, cV Examples guaranteed to, get, you, hired - careerAddict

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Single family construction within the nine counties sustains between 114,000 and.6 million in additional help business income and 21 to 640 additional jobs. Black pearl will purchase and develop 2,500 acres of land in West Texas. This planning board will initially contain members of the management team.

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real estate firm business plan

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Market Growth Acton county has essay experienced annual growth rates of 3 percent from with even greater growth in the unincorporated areas. Objectives milestones Achieve final financing for development in October 2004 Receive approval from local and state officials by february 2005 Hire new employees in February 2005 Complete infrastructure by late may 2005 Receive real estate license by may 2005 management summary black pearl has four. Pricing Strategy Black pearl purchases the property for 3,500 an acre with land development infrastructure costing 1,667 an acre. The restricted covenant of the subdivision requires that owners use either Black pearl Construction to build their homes, submit the plans of proposed dwellings to the planning board, or use construction companies recommended by Black pearl. Mission, black pearl development and real Estate llc is committed to the respectful, thoughtful development of living areas. From original groundbreaking of undeveloped properties to the sales of completed residential housing, Black pearl maintains complete control. We will develop this land into a restricted covenant subdivision containing 300 lots. In short we are the only company that can develop a property completely. Black pearl is a fullservice firm that owns heavy equipment, and offers "inhouse" groundbreaking, infrastructure, concrete, framing and final construction services. We own our heavy equipment, do all our construction, and have dependable contractors. Tazor lies in one of the fastest growing areas of Texas. The tazor area population doubled from 19702000.

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  • Real estate firm business plan
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    Thousands of clients since 2001. Real Estate business Plan is an essential step in your investing journey.

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    Learn the basics of putting together a solid business plan in this guide. Basically, 500 word essay example is an essay of not more than a half of A4 page that dwells upon the topic given in the assignment.

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